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2022 online hui

Are you ready to bring the adventure of Digital Game Design to your classroom?


Making a Game with MakeCode

Anyone at any skill level can code - During this online hui you will learn to build up your coding skills as you move from block-based coding to languages like JavaScript and Python, and get started quickly with block-based coding.

The Making a game with MakeCode hui will show you how to,

  • Get started with block-based coding.

  • Make games with arcade mode.

  • Amplify your ākonga Minecraft:EE experience with computer science.

  • Advance to JavaScript and Python when you're ready to level up.

  • Download your code onto physical hardware.

Thursday, 3 November

3:30 - 4:30pm


Our Thursday, 3 November hui will be NZSL Supported, please let us know during registration, and before Monday, 24 October, if you would like NZSL Support.

Don't forget to download your resources and criteria to help you create your game. 

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