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you could win one of the following prizes.

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Ozobot Education STEM 2.0
Bit Starter Pack


Teach Kids Programming Ozobot Bit blends coding and creativity in endless fun experiences.
Bit uses optical sensors to read lines and OzoCodes-short color code sequences-that you draw with markers and paper.
Use OzoCodes to command the bot to speed up, slow down, spin and more to complete mazes and challenges.

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Evo Ozobot


An award-winning coding robot for the next generation of creators.
Code Evo two ways: online with OzoBlockly programming and screen-free with Color Code markers. Interact as Evo shows off a series of tricks—all built with code.
Connect to the Evo app (iOS/Android) to earn points and level up for all the ways you code, create, and play with games and tricks.

Coding Starter Kit


What if you could become masters of innovation and technology?
With Osmo Coding Starter Kit, it is possible! 
Learn the fundamentals of coding and build your computational thinking skills, by learning how to code interactive games. 

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Shopping Vouchers


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GameDev Club 2021
LOOP Youth Centre

Ever wanted to design and Code your own Platform Game? Learn how to make video games with industry experts in a fun, social environment! GameDevClub is an after-school programme where you come together with a group of cool people to make some epic games.